Friday, May 14, 2010

Bangkok and beyond

So we've had some change of plans. Because there is violence in Bangkok we're going to bypass it for now, waiting for the violence to slow down in Pattaya. But to get some perspective on the violence, here's a picture.I'm not worried but that's my mom's fault. She's made me so paranoid about life on the streets (of SW Portland), that I have this weird relationship with danger. Like I understand it's there but I just kinda ignore it. I laugh at it and then it hits me and says, "What now Veronica?!!? You have a broken finger!" And let me tell you, when that finger broke, it sucked. So I'm going to try and pay more attention to danger...
We went to a Giant's game! And I found my husband, Andres Torres. So Andres I know that you are reading this, and I just want to say I'm waiting for the proposal at 301 Lyon St. You have about 24 hours.
Tomorrow is full of errands and reading, hours in lines and then the 14 hour flight to Taiwan then Bangkok then a quick detour to the coast.
Nervous? A bit. Considering I cried the first night that I slept in Costa Rica, why? I have no idea. Why did I cry when my mom took me to dance class? I have no idea. Stop asking hard questions!
Either way, today was fantastic. I'm sad to be leaving SF and the Urban house. It's been real to say the least. I probably won't update until I get to Thailand just because we'll be in transit until then :)

Love you all!


  1. good luck veronica! ill check this every so often to see how you're doing!!

  2. oh and by the way, my mom did the same thing for me, i grew up in orange county and going to the middle east was like, pssh, no big deal.