Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreaming for those who can't

I guess now is a better time than any to explain the title of my blog. During my Conflict and Reconciliation class last fall we read a book called Journey toward Reconciliation that has truly changed my way of thinking in relationships and reconciliation processes. But the concept that stuck with me most was the concept of dreaming. True dreamers are weighted to the ground by their feet and the realities of this world. Their feet are rooted in pain of the poor and the suffering of the oppressed. But their heads float in the clouds. They dream of better places, opportunities and futures. They are able to not get stuck in the clouds but never lose sight of their dreams. They are the connection between the present and the future. But we are also dreaming for those who can't dream, as Kique Bazan told us. The slaves around the world have nothing to dream for and so we must do it until they can.

That’s my hope for this trip. I don’t want to be paralyzed by the pain in this world, because it will. So easily it will still my spinal cord and numb my heart. But I don’t want to forget where my passions come from. I want to change this world for the better. Now that I know, now that I have seen I will not remain. So I keep praying that my present won’t make me forget the hope for the future I have.

And today I’ve been filled with hope. Even though we watched another pretty tough documentary (Small Voices) it still featured an organization that is tangibly giving back to the country of Cambodia driven educated children by taking them off the streets. Then we watched Call + Response and were able to speak with Justin Dillion, the director, after. It was inspiring to see his passion and drive. He said “our best commodity is our passion, not our money.” And I’ll have to agree.

Thailand weighs heavy on our minds as the leader of the red shirts was shot yesterday but we still continue our learning and laughing, with nervous text message updates looming.

all of us on the China Town Alley Tour. Photo by Courtney Owen

my roooooom. I sleep on the middle bunk under tiny little Jasmine and Courtney sleeps under the Giants blanket :) Once again, photo by Courtney Owen

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