Sunday, May 9, 2010

Veronica arrives to Mayterm....

This was our first assignment!!! Don't you feel lucky you get to read it?

Veronica arrives at Mayterm. She brings along her sarcastic humor and a theft proof backpack. Both items are resistant to rain and bad attitudes. Although she is exhausted from her journey, Veronica has been counting down the days until she could fully engage and enjoy this Mayterm. It still hasn’t truly hit her that she’ll be leaving for a foreign country in less than a week. Either way she’s resolute to live within each moment on her Mayterm. Veronica also brings with her a suitcase. It’s filled with clothes but mostly empty space to fill with goodies from Thailand and Cambodia.

She’s left behind a comfort zone and her deep desire to get an A. Instead she’s more intent on listening, learning and engaging in activities. This doesn’t mean she won’t do her homework. She just might not try as hard. Veronica is a tiny bit afraid of what will change in this trip, who will be the ones she can share her fears and desires with, and lastly if she’ll get sick. Thankfully her mother sent her an entire hospital pharmacy so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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